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Friday, July 03, 2009

Visit the GraphicalData Blog

GraphicalData has additional information on their blog relating to GraphicalData websites. I would encourage you to visit the GraphicalData Blog for additional tips from several different contributors.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New FlyerMaker

Create flyers quickly and easily with our new FlyerMaker tool.

This new, improved Flash-based system including new flyer templates allows you to create, save, edit, email and print quality flyers.

This product is the perfect productivity tool to supplement your real estate business. Many agents have flyers professionally created, and that cost can be considerable. Using this one tool can literally pay your monthly subscription fee.

Find this tool like other tools in the "Tools" section of your GraphicalData Dashboard.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Search Engine Optimization

I have posted numerous articles about search engine optimization (SEO) over the years. Many techniques that were relevant 10 years ago are not today. In fact, many search engines that were around in the '90's no longer exist for all practical purposes.

Some of the underlying basics do remain the same, and that is what many of my posts have been about, so I would encourage you to dig back in the archives . . . or search for seo and search engine optimization to pull them up.

You can view this article on search engine optimization for some general information as well.

If you do have a GraphicalData website, and are not ranking as well as you might like, give us a call or email . . . we have a great history of understanding what it takes to help them rise to the top.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

New Website Styles

There are new website styles available for your GraphicalData style-based websites.

After logging into your GraphicalData Admin Center visit the website section and select the "Website Design & Style" section. You will find several new styles including styles based on wider monitor resolutions.

We will continue to add new styles on a regular basis, so check back often.

Monday, June 01, 2009

New GraphicalData Admin Landing Page

If you have not signed in recently to your GraphicalData Administrative Center or your "Work Space" as we call it, you should do so.

It has been redesigned with many new features that will readily help you have a pulse on your entire web well as updates and quick shortcut links to areas you use the most.

Visit your personal work space at and learn more today!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New FlyerMaker System

Create flyers quickly and easily with the new FlyerMaker from GraphicalData.

If you are a GraphicalData subscriber, then you have the ability to create flyers for your listings as easily as 1-2-3 . . . literally. Then edit your flyers, arrange photos, save them, email to a mailing list, or print them out.

This latest release creates Flash-based flyers that are of the highest quality for printing . . . and yet easily emailed if desired. New fresh, contemporary designs included.

Check this new, upgraded product in the Tools section of your Administration Center.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Search Engine Optimization Hints

In the good ole days, it was modestly easy to SEO a site and have it rank well on the search engines. It is much more difficult to do today, and there are so many factors. Content that is on the page, Content that is "behind the page", "off the page" factors such as links to your site and PR.

Often it is not even what should do, but what you should not do. Read this article on top SEO mistakes to avoid.

The good news is that a GraphicalData website in its pure form adheres to these criteria. However, sometimes in our rush to look cool or have bells and whistles on our site, we can actually hurt ourselves in the it relates to ranking in the search engines. If showing well in the search engine results is not important, then this would be less of an issue. For most of us, we want to be on the front page of results, so this brief article provides some food for thought.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Open Houses from All Companies Now Searchable on Your Website

Now available by popular demand: GraphicalData is announces the addition of Open House search options on your GraphicalData website.

If you are in an MLS that allows for searching open houses, then this feature can be available to you. Currently available in the NWMLS.

This feature is now integrated into your interactive search map options. Your website visitors can search for open houses using the standard search parameters.

Only open houses that MLS members have inputted into the MLS will be searchable and displayed. If you have not inputted your open houses into the MLS, then they will not display.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Automatic Email Notification

We have recently implemented a new feature to our AEN module. When your clients receive AEN's for matches to their saved searches you now have the option of being cc'd on those emails. This will keep you up-to-date on how often your website clients receive information from your website about new listings meeting their search criteria.

To opt-in to this feature, click "Settings" in your "Website" section of your admin center, click "CC Me on all AENs", and click "Update Website Settings".

If desiring to deactivate this feature, repeat the above process with the "Do not CC me setting".

Friday, April 17, 2009

Show Better In The Search Engines

Having a great website that instills confidence in the search engines is an important step. Just as critical is the ability for it to show well in the search engines.

Read this article on ten SEO (search engine optimization) tips that are bound to help.

Also, for a very affordable amount, GraphicalData can assist if you have a GraphicalData-driven website.

This is one area often overlooked by many website owners, and yet critical to the mission of being found on the search engines!